Papillonic Health


Step 1. Free 15 Minute Consultation

This informative and complimentary 15 min. strategy session¬†is the first step. It gives you a chance to ask some questions and get some answers and see if working with Bernadette is the right fit for you. This call will briefly discuss your health challenges, goals, and¬† ‚Äėreadiness‚Äô to start.¬†¬†You can arrange this by emailing us at¬†and someone will contact you to set up a time for this call.¬† Please include a brief history of your current health goals/challenges and a number to be contacted at.

Step 2. Comprehensive Health Consultation

Once we have decided to work together, you will be sent a set of in-depth intake forms and will be booked in for an initial consultation. This detailed appointment will cover health history, symptom review, lifestyle, occupation, current and past diet, exercise regime, previous test results and anything else relevant to your case. A brief iridology exam will also be carried out as part of the analysis (in-person appointments only) and will include a high definition picture of your iris. A personalized health program will be drawn up for you and presented in a follow-up session (see below).

Step 3. Personalized Health Program

You will receive an individualized program for you that may include some or all of the following depending on your needs: detailed holistic nutrition menu plan that includes recipes and grocery shopping list, individually-tailored supplement program based on your unique nutritional needs, and exercise, lifestyle and stress management recommendations.

Step 4. Periodic Follow-ups (as necessary)

Everyone is unique and the journey to health takes many paths.  Some people find it easy to adapt to a new lifestyle and others need more support.  What every your needs follow-up appointments are booked accordingly.

For more information or to book your free 15 minute consultation please email us.


Student and Senior discounts available.