What is Iridology?

Close up photo of right eye

Right eye

Iridology is a modality of alternative medicine that views the iris for health analysis. Essentially the iris records information about your constitutional strength and weaknesses and the state and functioning of every organ in the body. Stress levels, tension, cellular activity, levels of inflammation and toxicity can all be seen from iris analysis.

Iridology aids in finding the root cause of a condition. Changes in the iris bear witness to the state of tissue and organ functioning, an iridologist is then able to find the underlying causes of symptoms and disease and offer recommendations accordingly.

Iridology is above all a preventative modality of holistic healing because an iridologist is able to see weakness in a certain area before symptoms occur. Typically symptoms are the last indicator in the disease process and therefore much harder to treat. Iridology allows for prevention of dis-ease in the body before it manifests.

All in person consultations will include an iridology review at the initial consultation.Β  A high quality photograph of the iris is taken and assessed to assist in guiding nutritional requirements of each individual.